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Add to your professional credentials - many federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, as well as major corporations, require Reid training for their investigators.

Work towards CERTIFICATION in the REID TECHNIQUE (CRT) and attain the CRT designation that attests to your commitment to professionalism in the field of interviewing and interrogation. - members receive $75.00 off the certification examination fee.

Attend the Annual Reid Conference for Investigative Training at a $100.00 discount from the non-member tuition rate - this one benefit pays for the entire cost of your membership.

Re-attend any John E. Reid training seminar at half the regular tuition fee - this is substantially less than the lowest group rate discount.

Receive a free copy of "The Investigator Anthology", a $55.00 value, when you join the Institute.

Receive a member discount on all John E. Reid textbooks, training videos, audio tape programs and training aids - these savings will help stretch your personal training budget.

Receive a special 20% discounted rate to review your videotaped cases submitted for our expert analysis.

Access to Members Only web page featuring helpful tips, interviewing and interrogation tactics, expert legal analysis of current court decisions, articles specifically written for our members, and much more.

Network with other Reid Institute members - You can choose to be listed in our on-line membership directory.

Also, your Reid institute membership dues and seminar fees may be tax deductible.

To Apply for Membership with the Reid Institute, please provide all of the required information. This information will be used only to contact members about Institute matters - it will not be given, sold or released to anyone else.

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