The Integrity Interview is a highly structured interview with a job applicant. The purpose for the interview is to develop factual information about the applicant's past behavioral patterns.

Specifically, the following areas are assessed during the interview:

Employment History
Theft and Related Activities
Work Related Alcohol Use
Violations of Company Policy
Recent Use of Illegal Drugs
Criminal Behavior

The philosophy behind the interview is very straightforward. The most accurate indicator of an individual's future behavior is their recent past behavior.

In a recent study the information developed from Integrity Interviews conducted on police candidates was compared to the information developed through a traditional background, record and reference investigation conducted by a law enforcement agency.

There were no instances in which the background investigation developed information that was not learned from the candidate during the Integrity Interview. On the other hand, however, in over 1/3 of the interviews information was developed during the face to face interview that was not discovered during the police background investigation.

As part of our Expert Consultant services we offer the availability of one of our staff members to review your current pre-employment selection process and screening interview content, and to work with your organization to strengthen the structure of the interview so as to help your organization identify high-risk applicants.

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