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These days almost all businesses are susceptible to general inventory losses or cash shortages. Over the past 54 years of investigating internal losses, we have seen first hand which procedures are effective in minimizing exposure to such losses, and what circumstances significantly contribute to an environment conducive to internal theft.

As a result, John E. Reid and Associates is often contacted by organizations to conduct a "Loss Prevention Survey" at one or more of their facilities. The propose of the survey is to identify current and potential problem areas that may contribute to internal losses, and to recommend appropriate corrective measures.

During the course of our Loss Prevention Survey we:

Examine the bookkeeping procedures
Examine the money / product handling procedures
Interview employees to develop information on
potential problem activities
Examine and review the effectiveness of current policies
Explore the applicability of a variety of security measures, including,
for example, closed circuit cameras

At the conclusion of the survey you will receive a written report detailing any and all problem areas we have found and the appropriate recommended corrective measures.

For more information, please contact us or to schedule a survey at your location please contact Sergio Parisi at 312-583-0700 ext 21.