On a daily basis our firm is retained by law
enforcement agencies, attorneys and
businesses to administer polygraph
examinations. When a specific and identifiable
incident occurs (theft, sabotage, arson, homicide, assault, fraud, sexual contact with a minor, etc.), the polygraph technique is the most effective means available to determine the credibility of a person's statements. Currently polygraph test results are admissible in over 20 states, and as one court has said,"the greater weight of authority indicates that it [polygraph] can be a helpful scientific tool".

A specific issue polygraph examination
consists of the following steps:
1. A personal conference or telephone discussion during which the polygraph examiner obtains a complete history of the case background information;
2. A pretest interview with the subject which will generally last 45 to 60 minutes, during which the examiner discusses the issue under investigation, thoroughly reviews all of the test questions that will be asked during the examination, and assesses the individual's emotional and physiological suitability to take the test;
3. A series of 4 to 6 tests, during which the subject's physiological responses are recorded as they answer a set of pre-established questions concerning the issue under investigation; and,
4. A review and interpretation of the polygraph charts, from which the examiner will reach one of three conclusions - that the subject is telling the truth; that the subject is not telling the truth; or, that the results are inconclusive.

Upon completion of the examination a verbal report will be given to the client, followed by a written report which will provide a synopsis of the case information available to the examiner at the time of the testing, a list of the relevant test questions, the subject's answers, and the examiner's opinion as to the subject's truthfulness or deception.

All of our examiners are licensed by the state of Illinois, which requires at least a baccalaureate degree and successful completion of a state licensing examination. In addition, all of our staff were trained in the polygraph technique by attending an 882 hour post-graduate program in the detection of deception including a three month supervised internship.

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