John E. Reid Statement on Covid-19.

As we begin to make plans for operations in our new reality of COVID-19, Reid wanted to reach out to you to make you aware of our efforts to maintain a safe environment for course attendees and Reid instructors. We are actively following the CDC and individual state mandates and will continue to do so by making any changes that are recommended.

Below are steps we will implement for our courses

  1. Rooms will be set up to maintain social distancing at six feet apart, unless otherwise allowed or mandated by each state
  2. Masks will be provided at each course by Reid. If you have a personal mask you would prefer, you are encouraged to bring it. State mandates will be followed in regards to masks.
  3. Hand Sanitizer will be available
  4. We are in contact with our hotel venues and cosponsors regarding room sanitizing. Each will follow sanitizing requirements issued by their department or corporation and state.
  5. We ask that all attendees take precautionary measures and assist in maintaining a safe and healthy environment. If you feel ill, please do not attend out of respect for others. We can refund or reschedule you to a future training course.
We have missed our interactions with our participants and colleagues and we look forward to serving you again! If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at