The Reid Behavior Analysis Interview (BAI) is a non-accusatory interview designed to identify whether or not a person is telling the truth or withholding relevant information concerning a specific crime or act of wrongdoing. The interview has proven to be very effective when there are many possible suspects and no evidence pointing to a particular person.

The BAI consists of a series of investigative questions that are specifically developed for each case, and a series of behavior provoking questions that elicit verbal and nonverbal responses which serve to help identify those persons who should be eliminated from suspicion, and those who are most likely involved in committing the act under investigation. During the BAI the subject is also asked a series of questions to determine whether or not they have the propensity to commit the act in question.

1. To Develop Investigative Information, Including Statement Inconsistencies or Procedural/Policy Violations That May Have Contributed to the Problem, As Well As Insight Into the Relevant Activities of Others.
2. To Develop Behavioral Information Indicative of the Suspect’s Truthfulness or Deception Regarding the Issue Under Investigation.
3. To Determine Whether or Not the Person Being Interviewed Did, in Fact, Commit the Act that is Under Investigation.

Since 1948 we have been using the BAI to successfully resolve cases. In fact, because of our national reputation and expertise, the National Security Agency awarded us two contracts to conduct research involving the BAI.

These research studies demonstrated that interviewers specifically trained and experienced in behavior analysis assessment can correctly identify the truthfulness of a person 85% of the time.

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