The Advanced Course on the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation® Program, offered in both 1 and 2 day formats, is designed to build on the information learned at the basic course program. Particular emphasis is placed on how to elicit information from the suspect during the interview stage that will serve as the basis for developing an individualized interrogational approach, based on the suspect's profile and characteristics.

Without exception, past participants have commented on the value of the Advanced program in giving them a better understanding of the interrogation process, and in allowing them to enhance their skill level by learning new techniques and tactics.


Stages of the Interrogation
Defiant Stage
Neutral Stage
Acceptance Stage
Profiling Suspects
Identifying Motives
Real Need Crimes
Impulse Crimes
Lifestyle Crimes
Esteem Crimes
Juvenile Interrogations
Interrogation on Multiple Crimes
Playing One Against the Other
Interrogation on Guilty Knowledge


The RPGA is a program offered to preferred associations in which their members receive special discounts on course registration fees and training materials for their department or agency. Check with the professional associations that you are a member of to see if they are participating in the RPGA . > More Info