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  10/09/2020The Norfolk Four
The Sun newspaper printed an article on October 6, 2020: “Shocking case of four Navy sailors wrongly convicted of rape & murder shows anyone can be forced to falsely confess” in which they discussed the threats that were made to the subjects in this case “to make them confess."  We discussed this case in detail in March 2011 in our Investigator Tip, “The Danger of Threatening Inevitable Consequences During and Interrogation” and pointed out the inappropriate investigator behaviors involved in the case.  For a more detailed discuss on false confession issues view our video presentation on our YouTube channel: False Confessions - The Issues to be Considered, Parts One and Two.  You can also download a a document from our website detailing these issue.
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  10/07/2020The Reid Technique for Pre-Employment Interviewing Strategies – a new online video training program
We are excited to announce a new online video training program entitled The Reid Technique for Pre-Employment Interviewing Strategies. The program includes a 20-page Study Guide and an optional exam that you can take to earn 1.5 hours of Continuing Professional Education.  Once you purchase the program you have unlimited access to it for 30 days.   Here are the details:

In this new online video training program, we discuss a variety of strategies to enhance your skills conducting a pre-employment interview, including, how to:

• Properly phrase interview questions
• Recognize when an applicant is withholding or fabricating relevant information
• Develop truthful information when the candidate initially tried to conceal it
• Assess the overall integrity and trustworthiness of the candidate
The skills that you will learn will substantially increase your ability to identify high risk job applicants before they become employees.

In this program we detail how to:

• Use an Introductory Statement to create an environment conducive to truth telling
• Develop a list of questions that will be asked of every applicant applying for the position
• Evaluate the applicant’s verbal and nonverbal behavior for indications of editing, withholding or fabricating relevant information
• Respond to the applicant’s behavior by asking the appropriate follow-up and clarification questions
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We also have two other online video training programs: The Reid Technique for Patrol Officers and The Reid Technique for Telephone Investigative Interviews.    

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  09/04/2020Reid Litigation With Netflix Ends
“The following statement is from John E. Reid & Associates (‘Reid’): 

Reid sued Netflix for defamation regarding a reference to the Reid Technique of interrogation in the program, WhenThey See Us, in connection with alleged abusive interrogations and coerced confessions of juveniles, known as the Central Park 5, by New York City police in 1989 . The district court dismissed Reid’s case and found that the statements were not defamatory because they were hyperbole rather than factual.  The court also found that the statements did not disparage the Reid Technique because what the New York City detective portrayed to be responsible for the alleged abuse and coercion did ‘was not the Reid Technique and could not have been because Sheehan (the detective) did not know what the Reid Technique was.’ 

The litigation has ended. 

Reid has made clear that abusive interrogations and coercive confessions have never been condoned by the Reid Technique, which specifically prohibits physical deprivations, intimidation, unduly long interrogations, threats of consequences, and promises of leniency. Instruction in the Reid Technique has always cautioned that special care should be taken during interrogations of juveniles, including parental supervision. 

Netflix and Reid have agreed to a joint statement which is as follows, ‘Netflix and Reid agree that abusive interrogations and coercive confessions have no place in law enforcement’.”

  09/01/2020September October 2020 Investigator Tip
The September/October 2020 Investigator Tip provides you with links to 25 Reid Video Tips that will help you to enhance your interviewing and interrogation (positive persuasion) skills.
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  09/01/2020False Confessions - Causes and Remedies
We recently posted on our YouTube channel - The Reid Technique Tips - a two part video presentation: False Confessions - The Issues to be Considered in which we discuss the causes of and contributing factors to false confessions, as well as the Best Practices that the investigator should adopt so as to minimize the possibility of obtaining a false confession.  We ave prepared a written document that supplements the video presentation the you can:
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