This is a 512-page book devoted to The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation. This book is designed to augment the information presented in our training seminars.


Your female suspect comes across as overly dramatic during the interview and goes from crying spells to emotional pleading. What personality disorder may she have and how can the investigator use this knowledge to more effectively question her?

When asking the "Vouch" question, is it proper to use a descriptive or non-descriptive verb?

A non-custodial suspect asks for an attorney. What is the proper response to that request?

During a confession the suspect claims he "can’t remember" some aspects of the crime. What are some tactics to consider using?

A case involving the theft of proprietary information lands on your desk. How should the investigation be conducted?

A 12 year old boy is suspected of starting a fire. What are typical characteristics of an adolescent fire starter?

Your suspect acknowledges selling drugs to an undercover officer, but you want him to reveal the name of his source. What is an effective approach to use?

During an interview what is the best way for an investigator to elicit information from a homicide suspect about his true relationship with the victim?

What questions should an alleged rape victim be asked to help determine if a rape claim is legitimate?

Your prosecutor wants to call you as a rebuttal witness to explain to the jury why your confession was not coerced. What points do you need to emphasize during your testimony?

The Investigator Anthology is an invaluable resource for the professional investigator in the both the private and public sectors.

The first five chapters enhance the investigator’s knowledge of The Reid Technique, while the next five chapters apply these principles to specific types of investigations. The final chapter offers in-depth information on confession testimony. Throughout the text the reader will find dozens of scripted interviews, interrogations and testimony examples.

Chapter 1
The Reid Technique

Chapter 2
Factual Analysis

Chapter 3
Behavior Symptom Analysis

Chapter 4
Interrogation techniques

Chapter 5
Interrogation Profiling

Chapter 6
Arson Investigations

Chapter 7
Drug Investigations

Chapter 8
Homicide Investigations

Chapter 9
Sexual Assault Investigations

Chapter 10
Theft Investigations

Chapter 11
Testifying on a Confession

Plus, an extensive glossary and index with over 350 listings.

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